Short Thorts

iPad Air

Just bought the iPad Air. It's good. Lighter. But not ridiculously light.
I think it feels like what the iPad should have been all along.
Just right.
Think I'll try it without a case.


"Ms. Vines said on Sunday that a report in the German newspaper Bild am Sonntag reporting Obama personally authorized the tapping of Ms. Merkel in 2010, and was briefed on it by Gen. Alexander, was false."

We'd spy on you, but never lie to you.


You know you're sick when the doctor quickly disinfects his hands after looking at your throat.

Also I want my tonsils back.

The internet is the platform

Lastly, the “network effects” drum that Blodget has been banging for years is certainly a real and important factor. But modern computers — PCs, phones, tablets, all of them — are effectively just clients on one universal platform: the Internet. In the ’90s, as the Mac and Apple waned, compatibility meant connecting to Exchange servers, and reading and writing Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. Today, compatibility is a rarely uttered word. Twitter, Facebook, email, and at a lower level, HTTP are available to all platforms.


That's what I've been saying. I could switch to an Android phone tomorrow with minimal disruption. And vice versa. 


Who buys macs

Apple apparently own 90% of the $1000+ personal computer segment.

This says to me people who want the cheapest machines buy windows, people who want the best buy Apple.

My experience tells me similar things.

And if I wanted to sell things to people I would probably have an easier time selling to people who use Apple products, as they have already proven they are the type of person who is happy to pay for perceived value.

America and health care

Some days I'm so glad I don't live in the US. Why are they so happy to spend all their tax money on a ridiculously big military but not health care for the poor and homeless?


Why are all the young progressive wannabes so hell bent on preserving the culture in every other country, but at the same time so bent on discarding their own parent's culture?

Mowing and dogs

I think the sound of the lawn mower may actually trigger the need to poo in dogs.

Who names this stuff

Not sure who came up the name Vagisil. I mean really... If you want people to be able to recommend your product, maybe make it something they can mention in a restaurant without feeling awkward.